Welcome to Horndean Lodge of Harmony 9015

The original idea of forming the lodge in Horndean, Hampshire came from meetings between five like minded Freemasons who used to meet in the Red Lion Pub in the village square.

square-and-compassesAll five were local men and active in Freemasonry. Two were London Masons and the other three met locally. They realised the need for a new lodge as the two existing ones were over subscribed. Following completion of the necessary work and with the cooperation of the existing ones, the lodge was founded and consecrated in 1982.

The name Horndean Lodge of Harmony depicting the ethos of the founders. The lodge banner depicts Masonry universal and shows our area in particular, stretching from Butser Forrest in the North, complete with deer, down to the sea.

We meet regularly at Centerpoint, Five Heads Road, and you would be made most welcome should you wish to enquire further about joining the Masons in Hampshire.